JSON Viewers

As I am working on a web application using WordPress and Pods.io, I had the need to find something specific on a very big array.  This took me to a few searches as to how to best output this array for my troubleshooting.

I ended up finding some good JSON Viewers that pretty much helped me solve my (array) challenge.

I think most of them are great, I even installed the Chrome extension which lets me see view local JSON files.

Here’s the list for someone out there looking for JSON viewers … or even for my own reference:

How To Structure a WordPress Plugin

There are different ways to organize the structure. And as other say in this Stack Overflow post, it depends on the plugin and what it does.

It is good to test what works best in terms of having things organized in order to find easier and maintain code.

As it happens with coding, sometimes you start with just a few lines of code and end up with hundreds and a few files to include and then there’s the classes and the styles, and, and, and.

This reminds me how it goes with any type of project when the scope becomes not so clear.  And this may be in part because of the many parts involved not understanding the technical parts and what it really takes to make structural or functional changes.

Typewriter Effect

I may even try to implement this as a simple plugin, this code is modified from a post by CSS-Tricks.

[codepen_embed height=”265″ theme_id=”light” slug_hash=”WdGmoM” default_tab=”result” user=”armandoduran”]See the Pen <a href=’https://codepen.io/armandoduran/pen/WdGmoM/’>WdGmoM</a> by armandoduran (<a href=’https://codepen.io/armandoduran’>@armandoduran</a>) on <a href=’https://codepen.io’>CodePen</a>.[/codepen_embed]