I happened to find this website called SaltnPixels  after googling some specific things about Pods.  Then I could not help but archive this under my UX folder (or tag should I say).

The site not only look clean, but it makes good use of some CSS, HTML and jQuery goodies.

Breather Meeting Rooms

Since Nomad-a-what closed doors for one day pass, I found Breather and loved the meeting rooms.

In fact, I must say that these days is such an important thing to consider all aspects of the journey in all different touch points.  From the moment I googled for meeting rooms in San Francisco, then the following screens as I signed up (screenshot above) and even how I was guided to get the app and how seamless everything was.

The room was exactly as it was shown on the website.  Great service Breather!



I always pay attention to detail and specially when it comes to UX.  These days of so much distraction, it is a challenge to present information in a very simple way that guides the user’s attention to the right places.

As I was trying to figure out an order way for a 2 day trip to SFO for a WordPress meetup, I figured there was a tool for that, therefore: TripIt

Exploring the Hero Image Trend in Web Design

This one is a very good article about headers and some really good points about UX.  Some of the sites listed there are just incredible in terms of design, ux and functionality: