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This looks like an interesting page to add to the yet another site on the list to ready (dashes added to this last sentences).

I am member of Post Status and I do enjoy being in the know of what’s happening with WordPress, so this should be another good reference.

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Automation: The Future of WordPress Development

I’ll be attending another WordPress meetup this Wednesday, this time the presentation is SASS, Gulp and WordPress and it promises to be a good one for expanding my possibilities as I continue to get more engaged with developing using WordPress.

Since someone shared a post on the meetup group titled Automation: The Future of WordPress Development, I found some interesting things there that relate to the future of WordPress development.

You simply can’t avoid it. The standards for Web Development have changed significantly over the last few years. Just as an example, not too long ago, relying on JavaScript completely was considered a bad practice. Nowadays, you can easily find countless websites embracing JavaScript libraries like it’s the new norm.

Not only that, but JavaScript has proved itself as the leading language for the web, and the term “full stack developer” in the context of JavaScript has finally bridged the gap between front-end and server-side, bringing massive change and innovation to the web development world.

Inevitably, with that crazy wave of change, a handful of fresh and game-changing technologies have showed up in the recent years.

I have heard about Gulp and Bower, but I guess I need to dig in more on these tools.