Be On Your Best Behavior

Isn’t it great to have moments where you connect with people you meet and end up having meaningful conversations?

It is becoming more of a luxury these days to have someone’s attention for a long period of time. Perhaps we are getting used to having fragmented or asynchronous communications as a result of technology and social media.

Genuine interactions, without an agenda, without interests of any kind are very important to me. Therefore, I truly agree with Kare Anderson as she says in the video below that …

… when two people bring the best side in each other at the same time, that’s where the best bonding happens!

Our Digital Society in the Next 30 Years

This interview touches on so many important points and things to ponder about the internet.  I believe that we do need to think about what technology is causing to our culture and society and  evaluate constantly how we allow technology to drive certain aspects of our experience in life.