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As I found a good tip about sleeping on a YouTube interview I was watching, I thought about doing a quick screenshot so that I could post here as a reference because the screenshot would have the exact time of the video.  Not that I don’t know how to share a video with a specific timeline.  But, I wanted to have that screenshot.

In any case, I realized I’ve been resizing manually a lot of screenshot since my computer would have a very big resolution, therefore not making images I upload small in file size.

And this is how I thought again about a tool I’ve used for a few years now called Shrink O’Matic.

And as I tried grabbing the download link to that Adobe Air program (only for Mac, sorry Windows users), I noticed it is only available in Download sites like Softonic.  And since I don’t like it when you go to sites that try to entice you with other links for sponsors and the like, I decided to find an alternative.

Enter: PhotoBulk

And again, the problem I find is that this one is also a paid application although they have a free version on the website.  But still, it took me some clicks to go to the app store, try to download it only to find that it is $9.99.  And once I was there, it says there is a free version on the website:

Download your free Demo version. Download Now

I think I’m actually going to stick with Shrink O’Matic


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