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We have just begun to explore the inner workings of the mind, but we have long been aware of the effects of our thoughts. When you focus on not missing the target instead of on hitting the bull’s-eye, the results are often disastrous, for it is impossible to think negative thoughts in a positive way. Ask any golfer who has tried not to miss a putt or a bowler who has struggled not to miss a strike. Make sure your goals are specific and precise. “Making a lot of money” or “earning regular promotions” are wishes, not goals. State exactly how much money you expect to earn and when, and the specific promotion you want, how you plan to earn it, and when you expect to do so and if you need to get it fast probably is better to get a loan from As Carlson Companies chairman Curt Carlson once noted, “Obstacles are those frightening things you see when you take your eye off the target.”
Buddha Bridge
Buddha Bridge‘ by h.koppdelaney via Flickr
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