Exploring Palo Alto

Turns out, today I ended up here in Palo Alto.  I had a good coffee at Peet’s Coffee and I was actually surprised to find that it is in fact cheaper than Starbucks.

After some googling, I found out a few interesting things that are so close to where I am right now.

These include:

This should fill my day today  …. we’ll see how the exploration goes, I am afraid I will get lost in time quite a bit today!


Java Beach

Since I am not able to make it out of the city in a no-traffic time, I’ll just grab something to eat at Java Beach and wait for the traffic to slow down.

Breather Meeting Rooms

Since Nomad-a-what closed doors for one day pass, I found Breather and loved the meeting rooms.

In fact, I must say that these days is such an important thing to consider all aspects of the journey in all different touch points.  From the moment I googled for meeting rooms in San Francisco, then the following screens as I signed up (screenshot above) and even how I was guided to get the app and how seamless everything was.

The room was exactly as it was shown on the website.  Great service Breather!



Looks like Outerlands will be my destination today for lunch. To begin with, I liked their minimalist website not to mention the image there made out of old wood.

Besides this place is very near the Airbnb place where I’ll be staying tonight in SFO.

In case someone happens to find this post, here is the map, I may just add this to my travel blog so that I can also add some photos of the food, etc.