Simple Living

Recently, I saw a Tweet about an article called "How to Do. One. Thing. At. A. Time" and it made me think about The Minimalists.  Sometimes life moves on and I don't spend the same time I used to in terms of consuming content from my favorite sources.  But that's ok.

Then I saw the email with that podcast episode called Simpleliving.  I must say these guys have continued to improve how they deliver their message of living a meaningful life and spreading the word about what it means to be a minimalist. 

Now they have the YouTube version of their podcast episodes which gives another perspective than just listening to them.  Here's the podcast episode and below the video I will include my own notes as I watch/listen:

People Over Profits

Quality over quantity is going to be soon the (only) way to be.  I dare to say that everyone is trying to maximize and scale and grow.  A result of the industrial revolution over these past years, as I call it.  Quality is the key, and when I find people doing this, I can’t help but applaud that approach as well as many other things that I was able to listen in this podcast episode.

I prefer to take one at a time so I can focus fully on you and your mission.

It’s been a couple of years now since I found The Good Life Project.  I’ve seen some interesting interviews here and there.  The value I am getting out of this podcast has been surprising me.  But perhaps more importantly, I find myself reflecting on how much I resonate with a lot of the things that are said.  It is an interesting connection and I am sure I will go back to this post and listen to this again later in the future.

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Louie Schwartzberg

I recently found another video by Louie Schwartzberg, who gave a TED Talk that became almost my favorite one as well as a favorite inspirational video.

Then back in 2015, and to my surprise, I found Louie in my favorite place to be in the world: The Tetons.

He was sitting down on one of the couches in the Jenny Lake Lodge, where there is an area where there is a huge window from which you can see the majestic Tetons.  I couldn’t help but go and talk to him.  We had quite a good, long and meaningful conversation.

I remember sharing and talking about that video so many times, that I posted this video with a list of my favorite parts of the video on my main website.




6 Hours of Snowshoeing

In case you don’t feel like reading too much of this story, you may want to scroll down and watch the 4 minute video that pretty much summarizes the whole experience.

There is something to say about stepping on snow.  At least for me, it has always been a feeling like walking in a fancy carpet.  I must say that I enjoy the sound of the snow as my feet compact it in each step.

And talking about stepping on snow.  I realized that I could do more snowshoeing in the winter, this would be the best way to be easy on my knees as that is one of the reasons I sometimes don’t do as much hiking as I would like to, specially going down hill.

This does not mean that during this 6 hour hike, there wasn’t any portions of the mountain that I wish it was completely flat.  There are times when you take one step and the snow returns to you two.  But I guess I have to admit the fact that life is not easy.

And this may be a good reminder that just as it gets tough out there while trying to go up in the middle of the snow, so it gets tough in life and sometimes in the moments least expected.

When those steps we take are so hard to take,  we may think for a moment that that’s all there is and that we are to be like that all day long.  Well, there is always a reward.  And for me it came as having such a good experience overall.  The views are impressive, but most importantly, there is some quietness when you are out there in nature that you can’t simply not find in your every day life!

In the end I have to admit that all the effort was worth it.  Nature is, I think a much better way for entertainment during the weekend OR, any other day.

I remember as I was going up and taking steps, one at a time, that I didn’t really had to see the top of the mountain all the time.  All I had to do was focus on my next step.

It is interesting when I to think of something as a whole and not realize ALL those little steps that it will take to make it there.  I guess that is how motivation works.

But one of the things that I tried to practice was not if I was going to make it to the top, but just to focus on the present moment of controlling my legs so that I could take the next step in a safe manner so as not to fall down, which at some point I did.  But hey, aren’t we supposed to just getup and keep going when that happens?

Certainly I had many insights during this outing and I could write quite a number of them, but the most important one is that: it is good to have friends that go along the upward trek.