Travel the World as a Social Media Influencer

About 12 years ago, I used to ponder about the huge potential that social media would cause when everyone would embrace it.  Even back then working remote was a dream that would not seem to be reachable in practical terms.

Just a few years later, it has become more often to find people that are completely embracing exploring the unknown by traveling and at the same time making a living.

Today I found this “How To Travel The World As A Social Media Influencer” post where I found interesting things on this topic like:

Meet today’s traveling social media influencers, a growing wave of savvy professionals who have quit their full-time jobs, left their homes, pared down most of their belongings to the essentials and who now spend their days traveling the world and sharing their experiences with the followers they’ve amassed.

I didn’t quit my job.  But for some health issues I needed to take care of, I ended up being a remote worker.   Perhaps by accident or perhaps my destiny, one day I will know for sure.

The future is here.  The dreams that a few years ago seemed impossible, are just a few clicks away and of course, one decision away!

I feel I could write way more on the topic, perhaps traveling and being a digital nomad has become a passion that I am more than happy to continue to cultivate.

This reminds me of something I recently shared about Digital Nomads & Travel on my “Links we talked about” blog.