@chrisbrogan Interviews @marcostrofsky and Tells You How to: @GetRichClick

This is a very interesting interview that I watched on my iPhone as I was reading my RSS feed and did not have a chance to post here until now.

I think that for many people (including me), the days when ecomerce, making money online or how ever you want to call it, was and still is something to dream about.  I remember thinking about this back in 1994 and considering the freedom that one could have by being able to have a buisness and not have to worry about opening a local place, employees, packaging, shipping, customer service and on and on and on.

I could not help it, after I saw this video, I reached for my iPad and bought Get Rich Click (in case you wonder, yes, I am using Chris’ affiliate link, why not?) and so far I’ve been enjoying the book, it has lots of very useful info … in any case, here is the interview:

And here is the original post by @chirsbrogan titled: Marc Ostrofsky Tells You How to Get Rich Click


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