People Over Profits

Quality over quantity is going to be soon the (only) way to be.  I dare to say that everyone is trying to maximize and scale and grow.  A result of the industrial revolution over these past years, as I call it.  Quality is the key, and when I find people doing this, I can’t help but applaud that approach as well as many other things that I was able to listen in this podcast episode.

I prefer to take one at a time so I can focus fully on you and your mission.

It’s been a couple of years now since I found The Good Life Project.  I’ve seen some interesting interviews here and there.  The value I am getting out of this podcast has been surprising me.  But perhaps more importantly, I find myself reflecting on how much I resonate with a lot of the things that are said.  It is an interesting connection and I am sure I will go back to this post and listen to this again later in the future.

Lots of goodies in this month's @getfaithbox

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Electric Peak Awaits

Last Sunday I came up with an interesting insight that lead me to write it.  The quote is on the sidebar (if seen on the desktop) of this site. There was actually more than the quote I wrote, I felt inspired to start hiking and climbing as I used to when I was 10 years old and belonged to a climbing team in Mexico.

Today, Electric Peak awaits.  I’ve never climbed this one in the winter.  I had climbed it several times in the past.  Including one time when I spread the ashes of one of my best friends.

For some reason I don’t seem to write much on my blogs and websites, so I won’t promise too much updates on this one.  I do enjoy writing, I do it for the sake of expressing my thoughts and not for the sake of promoting myself (hopefully).  If I ever write a book, I will make sure I enjoy every single word of it, as I have with some of my writings on A Daily Thought.

I am sure that I will have interesting pictures and video today as I am planing to take my GoPro with me.  And I am also sure that lots of insights and stories will be trying to push into making it to this page!

GoPro Charging

House of Clouds

Once in a while we have to stop and contemplate nature.  Once in a while we also have to contemplate how time goes by and how we live in the passing of cycles that sometimes we no longer perceive as cycles.  I always find inspiration in these type of videos and photography.