How to Pass PHP Data and Strings to JavaScript in WordPress

This one post by TutsPlus is JUST what I was needing this morning.  I got so excited when I found that there is a way to pass info from WordPress to the enqueued JavaScripts, that I could not help and put here the code that will do the trick and of course the original post.  For my (o other’s) future reference.

Original Post

UPDATE: I had to use this example instead from Pippins Plugins: Use wp_localize_script, It Is Awesome

Charming City

Every city has something unique, every city has its own charm. Just as there are people who are habitants of the city, there are also unique stories as people share the spaces in which they move during the days as life goes on.

TechCrunch & WeWork

“WeWork’s Adam Neumann talks with Connie Loizos about building operating systems for buildings, selling services, and building partnerships.”

I’ve been doing my remote work at WeWork and I’ve been enjoying having a very cool working space where not only I can network with others but also have interesting views from the city.

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#sanfrancisco from a 15th floor

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The Smell of a Bicycle Shop

I had to take my bike to a bike shop today.  And I found myself having childhood memories as the smell of the bike shop almost transported me to those days when I was a BMX fan and I used to have my dad take me to the bike shops and get it fixed.

Interesting how certain smells trigger memories.  I wondered if someone could come up with a lotion/perfume that would smell like a bike shop as they did with the smell of a new Apple product if I am not mistaken.

People Over Profits

Quality over quantity is going to be soon the (only) way to be.  I dare to say that everyone is trying to maximize and scale and grow.  A result of the industrial revolution over these past years, as I call it.  Quality is the key, and when I find people doing this, I can’t help but applaud that approach as well as many other things that I was able to listen in this podcast episode.

I prefer to take one at a time so I can focus fully on you and your mission.

It’s been a couple of years now since I found The Good Life Project.  I’ve seen some interesting interviews here and there.  The value I am getting out of this podcast has been surprising me.  But perhaps more importantly, I find myself reflecting on how much I resonate with a lot of the things that are said.  It is an interesting connection and I am sure I will go back to this post and listen to this again later in the future.

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Lots of goodies in this month's @getfaithbox

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Travel the World as a Social Media Influencer

About 12 years ago, I used to ponder about the huge potential that social media would cause when everyone would embrace it.  Even back then working remote was a dream that would not seem to be reachable in practical terms.

Just a few years later, it has become more often to find people that are completely embracing exploring the unknown by traveling and at the same time making a living.

Today I found this “How To Travel The World As A Social Media Influencer” post where I found interesting things on this topic like:

Meet today’s traveling social media influencers, a growing wave of savvy professionals who have quit their full-time jobs, left their homes, pared down most of their belongings to the essentials and who now spend their days traveling the world and sharing their experiences with the followers they’ve amassed.

I didn’t quit my job.  But for some health issues I needed to take care of, I ended up being a remote worker.   Perhaps by accident or perhaps my destiny, one day I will know for sure.

The future is here.  The dreams that a few years ago seemed impossible, are just a few clicks away and of course, one decision away!

I feel I could write way more on the topic, perhaps traveling and being a digital nomad has become a passion that I am more than happy to continue to cultivate.

This reminds me of something I recently shared about Digital Nomads & Travel on my “Links we talked about” blog.