Fresh Morning in Montana

I took this picture a few days ago and as I was downloading them all from my camera, I realized how much I like this one, it makes me think that every day there is new opportunity to have a fresh start!


Making Ideas Happen

Since I have been interested lately on thinking about new ideas, It seems that I’ve magnetized posts and all related info about ideas as well as creativity, today I was reeding my feedly feed and found a book called “Ten Faces of Innovation” by the IDEO people.  That book in itself is very interesing and I may even buy it, but then after doing some more browsing on Amazon, I found this one book called “MAKING IDEAS HAPPEN“. 

Now, THAT, I found it more interesting because just yesterday I was thinking about my challenge in life about precisely this: “how do I make ideas happen”.  I consider myself a creative person, and I think a book like this may be worth the try, don’t you think?